6 Insightful Unified Communications in Financial Services Case Studies to Read in 2022


Financial services companies haven’t always been at the forefront of the technology landscape. Adopting new tools and technologies means opening the door to potential risks and compliance issues that most companies prefer to avoid. However, as digital transformation continues to accelerate at an incredible pace, brands are discovering the need to keep pace.

UCaaS and UC solutions promise a host of potential benefits for modern financial services brands. The right UC solutions enable staff to work more collaboratively in the distributed world of hybrid working. At the same time, these tools pave the way for innovation with new applications and solutions for improved customer service.

Of course, for any financial services company, it is useful to see evidence of the transformational nature of new technologies, before beginning an investment. With that in mind, here are some interesting financial services case studies worth reading in 2022.

Ring Central and First Bank

First Bank, a multi-billion dollar financial services company, turned to RingCentral when it discovered a new demand to modernize and improve its communications services. The First Bank brand had a long way to go when it first decided to upgrade its core systems from legacy PBX environments to a cloud-based ecosystem. However, RingCentral was on hand to make the transition as smooth as possible across many global locations.

According to First Bank, the implementation of RingCentral technology has enabled the brand to realize a savings of 30% on all assets in its telephone system.

Additionally, the company also praised RingCentral’s commitment to providing an outstanding level of customer service and support throughout the migration event. This case study offers great insight into how the right communications technology can drive big transformation for big brands.

Meta Workplace and DNB ASA

Meta (formerly Facebook) offers businesses an easy path to the new world of communication and collaboration with the Workplace ecosystem. In recent years, a number of financial services companies have discovered the benefits of moving to this new collaborative environment, including Norway’s largest financial services group, DNB ASA.

In this case studyWorkplace explores how DNB ASA successfully transformed its workflow to accommodate a modern, hybrid workforce capable of attracting a younger demographic and new talent.

The Workplace ecosystem has given DNB ASA the tools to strengthen teamwork in the business environment. About 74% of respondents in the case study said Workplace made it easy to track what was happening in the business and share knowledge. Additionally, 90% of employees chose Workplace as their preferred communication tool.

Zoom and Complyport

A financial services company involved in compliance leadership, Complyport has built its success on helping global businesses meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements of financial law. This UK based companyfounded in 2001, has discovered a growing demand to evolve and innovate in an increasingly digital environment over the past two years to help support teams and better serve their customers.

After implementing Zoom Webinar technology to help educate its customers and improve marketing initiatives, the company also implemented Zoom video meetings as part of a comprehensive UCaaS strategy.

According to the Complyport team, video communication has made it easier for staff members to share information and provides more immersive customer service. Once the company started using Zoom, the team found it much easier to start implementing more aspects of the Zoom video ecosystem into their day-to-day operations.

Poly and SCOR

Poly (formerly Polycom and Plantronics), is one of the AV industry’s leading innovators, helping businesses of all sizes create more immersive meeting rooms and collaborative experiences for their teams.

SCOR, a leading international insurance and financial services company, has adopted technology from Poly and Microsoft to enhance their collaboration strategy and unleash the power of video conferencing.

According to this case study, the SCOR brand was looking for an immersive way to improve remote interviewing, improve recruiting efforts, and improve team member interactions. By using Poly technology and Microsoft resources, the SCOR team was able to unlock a new level of collaboration, while improving HR initiatives for future teams.

Cisco and EFG Hermes

A pioneer in the field of financial services within the Frontier Emerging Landscapes space, EFG Hermes offers both investment banking services and a range of banking financial products aimed at businesses, individuals and institutional clients. The company has grown rapidly over the past two years, but according to the team, one of the issues they often struggled with was collaboration.

Although EFG Hermes had experimented with a number of teleconferencing solutions in the past, they hadn’t found anything that would bring their teams together and integrate with the various systems already in use across the business, until they meet Cisco and the Webex environment.

the Cisco Webex Technologyas well as hardware such as the Cisco Webex Board, have enabled EFG Hermes to create a fully integrated and immersive teamwork experience for staff entering the new era of cloud-first work.

Avaya and Insperex

Fintech leader, InspereX has a vision to remove the barriers that countless investors and issuers face when trying to access the fixed income and related securities markets. However, to deliver the kind of experiences that customers are looking for, the company must first ensure that its team members can communicate, collaborate and work effectively in any environment.

InspereX selected Avaya Cloud Office technology, powered by RingCentral, for innovation and collaborative experiences delivered through a cloud-first solution. The all-in-one system for UCaaS provided the team with greater flexibility and mobility, with reduced risk of operator and hardware failure, and reduced costs.

According to InspereX, the team was able to achieve easier connectivity between multiple offices in the United States, reduced IT load, and better flexibility to make and receive calls anywhere.


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