Capital markets, investment management and financial product litigation


In the past decade alone, we have handled more than 100 capital market and investment management disputes, assisting with issues of liability as well as amount of loss. As the largest valuation firm and leader in the valuation of complex debt, equity and derivative instruments, we are uniquely qualified to analyze and quantify complex securities, derivatives, unique trading strategies and financial transactions in a litigation context.

How can we help you in financial market cases

We assist parties involved in complex financial market disputes related to:

  • Evaluation
  • Hedging and breaking costs
  • Cascading allocations/cash flow
  • Underwriting/due diligence
  • Adequacy/Disclosure to Investors
  • Comparative investment strategies
  • Risk management/risk allocation
  • Structuring
  • Counterparty risk/financial guarantees
  • Monitoring
  • Market liquidity
  • Damages, including modeling of causation and opportunity cost.

Our experts are former market practitioners who can deal with issues relating to standard industry practices of issuers, traders and counterparties, including in connection with suspected fraud or market manipulation. For listed securities, our expert economists perform event studies and stock market recreations in counterfactual scenarios. In cases involving large volumes of data or time-consuming reviews, we provide expertise in statistical sampling and inference to reduce the time and cost involved.

Our dispute resolution experience also covers all types of equity and debt securities, private transactions and complex financial assets, including:

  • Structured products
  • Credit default, interest rate and currency swaps
  • Custom structured notes
  • Exotic Stock Options
  • Exotic Forex Options (FX)
  • Structured loans
  • Securitized products (ABS, CLO, CMBS, CDO, RMBS)
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Commodity swaps, including oil and gas, and precious metals.

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