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#TheBahamas, June 1, 2022 – The government is moving forward with its goal of fulfilling its mandate of gender equality and empowerment of women. Monday 30e In May, a ceremony was held at the Balmoral Club to officially launch the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) joint fund program with a $1 million joint venture between the Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) and the United Nations.

The Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Lisa Rahming; Minister of State for the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover Rolle; and President of the Bahamas Development Bank, Senator the Hon. Quinton Lightbourne.

Brief remarks were delivered by: Ms. Tonni Anne Broderick, Representative, UN Women Cluster Office, Caribbean; Ms. Saadia Sanchez-Vegas, Director and Representative, UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean. Virtual remarks were delivered by: Mr. Heewong Kim, Reporting Officer, United Nations Joint Fund for the SDGs; Ms Denise Antonio, UNDP Resident Representative, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands and Dr Crispim Moreira, FAO Representative, Jamaica, Bahamas and Belize.

The United Nations Resident Coordinator at the Multi-Country Office in Jamaica, Dr. Garry Conille delivered the keynote address. He said he was delighted that the Bahamas was undertaking this endeavor and expressed the full support of the United Nations for help the Bahamas achieve its goals.

Manager, Information Technology, Bahamas Development Bank, Mr. Alonzo Hinsey chaired the event. Also present was the new Managing Director of the Bahamas Development Bank, Mr. Nicholas Higgs.

The Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development, Ms. Lisa Rahming, said in her keynote address that this joint venture financing program is in line with the vision and mission of the Bahamas Development Bank and therefore fits naturally to its business model.

“It is strategic that the Development Bank of the Bahamas sits on the National Steering Committee as it will bring significant technical capacity building benefits in support of the development of the Gender Equitable Finance Mechanism framework.”

She said BDB has been at the forefront of the economic empowerment of Bahamian entrepreneurs, and by extension the sustainable development of The Bahamas, for many decades. While admitting that the bank has faced challenges over the years, she said the government remains committed to using this institution as an instrument or delivery mechanism for the continued economic empowerment of the Bahamian people.

She welcomed the strategic partnerships BDB is pursuing with other local and international financial institutions, including FinDev and The Portland Equity Group for fund development and management.

This joint proposal, she explained, recognizes that societies with higher levels of gender equality experience faster and more sustainable development results.

It also recognizes that countries with higher GDP growth rates and other positive economic indicators have not always taken into account the contributions that women and youth can make to strengthening key economic sectors and, in many many cases, have not invested enough in gender equality to advance human and social rights. development.

“As we economically empower our people, no social or demographic group should be left behind. Additionally, we must remain sensitive to the customs, culture, way of life, values ​​and integrity of the physical environment of the

the communities and markets in which we operate and trade. »

(BIS Photo/Kristaan ​​Ingraham)


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