Citi Investment Banking trader Keith West set to launch new global social networking app


The poet John Donne wrote that “no man is an island”. Yet the reality is quite different for today’s entrepreneurs, who find themselves fragmented, isolated and adrift in a sea of ​​uncertainty.

Entrepreneur Keith West is changing all that. He understands the importance of social mobility, shared spaces for innovation and the power of networking and has created a platform that enables entrepreneurs to build bridges between their businesses and the wider investor and business community. It’s called Network & Chill and helps entrepreneurs and professionals make huge strides.

In a world where so many entrepreneurs are looking for a place where they can gather and truly belong, Network & Chill is the catalyst that unites the start-up community – the new home for entrepreneurs, providing a new vision networking, business development and innovation.

Almost two-thirds of small business leaders (63%) feel alone in their role, which could prevent their business from reaching its full potential. One in seven people struggle to come up with new and innovative ideas on their own. And two out of five feel depressed at least once a week. For 78% of start-ups, networking is essential to entrepreneurial success (Economist Intelligence: EIU)”

Network & Chill is dedicated to empowering its members to thrive, reducing isolation and facilitating rapid growth by providing an extensive network of contacts and access to valuable business resources.

“I wanted to create a community where entrepreneurs can make connections that boost their businesses and spark new ideas,” says West. “A place where entrepreneurs transform and thrive.”

Keith West has worked hard to develop features that really work for their members, use innovation, and allow members to thrive. Key to this is an exclusive, cultured community where all members add value to the network, working together to accelerate success. Network & Chill is a sophisticated ecosystem promoting social mobility and access to all socio-economic backgrounds, races and identities. With over 5,000 current members and applications to their community, their philosophy is to build a diverse network, break down barriers, and enable professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to thrive. The best innovation comes from sharing ideas and learning. Each member is vetted by the Network & Chill team, ensuring the highest possible standards for the community.

“63% of business leaders feel alone or struggle to innovate. (Starling Bank, 2021) »

Network & Chill combines professional networking in a unique blend of formal and informal settings allowing members to feel empowered to make meaningful connections in a way that suits them.

“I believe that isolation and loneliness are out of the territory of business and enterprise and through shared spaces, community and networking, we can continue to create positive spaces for professionals, entrepreneurs and companies” Keith West – Network & Chill.

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