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Digital transformation amidst disruption

With the rapid adoption of digital in the ecosystem, the financial services industry in India has started to disrupt itself through fintech using accelerators like IndiaStack and the cloud. The AWS Financial Cloud Symposium aims to highlight this transformation amidst the financial services disruption in India.

The event saw the participation of India’s leading financial services organizations with 18 senior executives sharing their perspectives on technology-driven business transformation.


Puneet Chandok, President, India and SAARC, Commercial Selling Operations, AISPL, in his welcome speech, pointed out that financial services are the subject of a huge amount of inventions and reinventions in India and that the cloud is driving the democratization of technology.

Scott Mullins, MD, Financial Services, AWS, then intervened with his expert perspectives on recent events in the financial services industry. He noted, “Technologies that will enable financial institutions to respond quickly to changing customer needs, adapt to changing conditions and operate more efficiently allow industries to serve customers better. He noted that in just a few short years, the cloud has gone from being a newcomer to being a new standard.

Next, Vaishali Kasture, Head of Corporate Activities, India and South Asia, AISPL, presented the Indian Financial Services perspective. She highlighted use cases where financial services companies in India have embraced the AWS Cloud and provided examples of three levers that AWS has helped drive change: Modernize, Transform and Innovate.

An informative panel discussion in the boardroom followed focused discussions on financial services disruptions with esteemed panelists Bhargav Dasgupta, Managing Director and Managing Director, ICICI Lombard, Zarin Daruwala, Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank, India, and Rajeev Ahuja, Executive Director, RBL Bank. Regarding digital adoption in the banking sector, Zarin Daruwala, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank India, elegantly pointed out that “digital is not a destination, but rather a catalyst for a better customer experience”. The discussion revealed some interesting highlights of how the digital switchover has become imperative to outlast the competition and customer expectations in today’s world.

Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist for AWS Asia-Pacific, spoke on innovation. He explained to the audience the main guidelines of AWS as they innovate, by breaking things down and letting teams manage them on their own, automating everything possible and managing aspects. important, disruption is not impossible.

Small group sessions


The symposium then moved on to an in-depth fireside discussion with Ramesh Lakshminarayanan, CIO of HDFC Bank and Kiran Jagannath, Head Financial Services, AISPL, discussing the client’s perspectives on banking technology and its synergy with FinTech in the modern configuration. . They also discussed how HDFC Bank has navigated the FinTech space with help from AWS and other tech offerings.

The next session of Charith Mendis, Banking Specialist at AWS, Worldwide Financial Services, focused on data-driven banking services and how banks are leveraging technologies like AI and ML for banking. fraud and risk management and innovation of new products and services.

The program then moved on to a Roundtable on Banking 4.0, involving industry leaders from AWS and the Indian banking sector with Sameer Shetty, Chief Digital Officer, Axis Bank, Charu Mathur, Chief Digital Officer and Head – Business Strategy & New Initiatives, IndusInd Bank, Topendra Bhattacharjee, Chief Digital Officer, RBL Bank and Naveen Chaluvadi, Chief Digital Officer, Yes Bank. The highlight of the discussion was that banks in India are constantly trying to evolve through digital transformation. The panel also discussed the importance of the cloud in driving banks’ digital initiatives, going virtual with banking, creating hyper-personalized experiences for consumers, and creating end-to-end digital journeys.

The stage was set for a showcase of industry solutions led by Gaurav Sharma, Global Lead – Technology Consulting, Infosys Finacle. He discussed the steps and techniques, key factors needed to scale cloud banking transformation using Finacle and AWS services.


An insightful fireside conversation between Parvez Mulla, COO, HDFC Life and VG Sundar, Head of Modernization, Digital Innovation, Specialty Products, AISPL has navigated HDFC Life’s digital transformation journey which has has earned this brand a name apart in the insurance niche.

The symposium continued with a session with Unni Pillai, Head of Financial Services Technology, ASEAN – AWS, as he spoke in detail about the modern data strategy which included scalable data, price-performance metrics, democratization of data, unified governance and deployment of AI and ML for business challenges.

The Insurance Innovation Roundtable – Accelerators and Opportunities, involving an Indian Insurance Industry Leader with Anubhav Rajput, CIO, Head – Digital and Operations Cholamandalam MS General Insurance, S Ganessan, Executive Vice President & Head – Technology ICICI Prudential Life, Goutam Datta, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life, and Suhail Ghai, Chief Digital Officer and Information Officer, Max Life and Akshath Balachandra, Chief Financial Services Officer (Greenfield), AISPL . The panel revealed valuable insights into how insurance tailor-made to customer expectations and the changing data landscape. How the cloud and technology can help insurance, and how security and regulatory compliance fit into this whole digital picture of insurance.

Joydeep Sarkar, Program Director at TCS, presented an industry solution on digital transformation of insurance.

Capital markets

The discussions started with a fireside chat between Shrini Vishwanath, Co-Founder, Upstox and Kumara Raghavan, Country Manager and Head – Startup Business, AISPL and they navigated the capital market scene with regards to growing the business. retail investment after the pandemic. Many angles on the market and the technology were discussed during this session.

Brian Cassin, Capital Markets Specialist at AISPL, conducted the Global Leading Session, highlighting the transformations in capital markets. He presented case studies where AWS and the cloud have helped transform the market.

A discussion on next-generation investment platforms followed, with an esteemed panel of specialists. It starred Shiv Kumar Bhasin, chief technology and operations officer, National Stock Exchange, Raghunatha Reddy, executive vice president and chief IT officer, UTI Asset Management Company, Jyotiswarup Raiturkar, chief technology officer, Angel One and Pankaj Purohit Group vice- Executive Chairman, Chief Technology Officer and Business Operations. , Motilal Oswal Financial Services. The roundtable focused on capital markets, customer journeys and technology innovation in the sector. The recent increase in investment has also been the subject of extensive discussion.

Following him, Rohit Kumar, Vice President, Head of Business Development – Index and Data, National Stock Exchange, with his showcase of industry solutions on data analytics. He spoke in detail about analytical product offerings, fixed income valuation and analytics. He also pointed out that the way forward would be to launch market data products and implement AI / ML in the market for Indian customers.

Technical immersion

The first session focused on how intelligent document processing AI-assisted could influence the banking and insurance industries in tasks such as loan origination, risk management, policy issuance, claims authorization and more. Talk about how expensive, time consuming and error prone manual processing is. Ramanuj Vidyanta, AI / ML Specialist, AISPL, described how tools like Amazon Extract could help agnostic patterns, recognize handwritten text, and more.

The next session was on Cross-selling recommendation models using personalization. In addition, they focused on how Indian companies can take advantage of cloud computing, such as AWS Fargate, to handle seasonal variations in server traffic load and go less server with capital market innovations. Praveen Jayakumar, Trushant Vasudeo and Tapan Hoskeri (Senior Solutions Architects, AISPL) led each of the topics.

Short sessions then followed with discussion on regulatory conformity, AWS Security and Resilient Application Design Using Chaos Engineering. Chaos Engineering helps build a robust system by identifying problems through simulation of calamity with the aim of preventing these problems from turning into failures. Swati Sharma (FSI Compliance Specialist) AISPL, Lalit Kumar (Security Architect) AISPL and Satheesh Kumar (Solution Architect) AISPL enlightened the audience on each topic.

Addressing the topic of graphical database implementation through Amazon Neptune in financial services field in India, Ramanan Kannan, AISPL Solutions Architect, introduced viewers to some use cases and presented various approaches to create a graphics database where the data has been deeply logged. He also highlighted the challenges associated with implementing these solutions, such as querying graphics, inefficient processing of graphics, and rigidity.

The event also had a partner showcase, with 18 leading organizations that had innovative cloud-enabled solutions targeted for the financial services industry.

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