Comercio Partners provides a suite of financial services to retail investors – CEO, Nnamdi Nwizu


When it comes to investments such as securities, treasury bills and bonds, the impression is that one must have a huge amount of money to invest before considering any of these. these options. However, Comercio Partners Ltd is now changing that narrative by making these investments available and accessible even to low-income people.

Speaking at Nairametrics Business Half Hour, Co-Founder and CEO of Comercio Partners, Nnamdi Nwizu explained how the team fills gaps in the investment industry by providing service leadership in a wide range of financial services to Nigerians.

The startup, which has become one of the fastest growing investment companies in Nigeria, began operations in 2016, founded by three former bankers who wanted to make investing easier and accessible to Nigerians.

“One of those gaps we noticed was in the fixed income market, we saw a gap in the retail sector – ie bonds, treasuries, etc. ., and there wasn’t much involvement in the retail space. Even for those who did get involved, most of them had to go through the whole long process of going to the bank. to talk to some people and seek advice on this. Retail investors weren’t getting the best of financial services in this regard. What we’re doing now is creating products in-house that cater to the retail space and retail investors to ensure they are not cut off from the market,” said Nwizu.

One of Comercio’s products – – has been launched and made available for download on the Play Store. With this app, users can sign up in two minutes and start investing in fixed income assets with as little as NOT10,000. This eliminates the stress and hassle of having to go to the bank to fill out forms, while providing details about each category so users can make the best choices.

For low-risk investors looking for risk-free options, the bonds, treasury bills and other fixed income assets on the platform give them a wide range of choices to explore. With proper knowledge of investment returns and maturity date, the user can make an informed decision. When the asset matures, the user can also log into the app and easily access the funds.

Typically, the standard bond size is in the millions of naira, but with Comercio breaking it down into smaller chunks, virtually anyone can invest. Although many people may be interested in investing, factors such as high poverty level, low savings and loss of income due to inflation reduce the number of people who are actually able to invest in investments. based on foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies or even fixed income securities. assets. For this reason, a service that breaks down huge investment needs into smaller chunks usually means investments are now accessible to more people.

Comercio focuses on trading fixed income and equity securities for investors and provides financial advisory and asset management services. In terms of financial advice and portfolio management, Nwizu noted that before Comercio, retail investors did not get the necessary advice on which product was best for them or how to structure their deals.

“We saw that clients needed more and we thought we could step in and increase the offerings to clients – advising clients on complicated products like derivatives and the like,” he stated.

Comercio also offers an inter-dealer brokerage service which focuses on intermediating the OTC market for fixed income assets such as bonds and treasury bills for banks and corporations. This can help transaction partners stay anonymous and get the best rates for their transactions. The license for this service is for businesses only and does not cover retail investors.

In addition to helping Nigerians invest, Comercio has also partnered with a payday loan company that provides loans to retail customers and helps them access funds for emergency needs. It is one of the suite of financial products that the company makes available to retail investors.

Comercio Partners does not stop at fixed income investment options and access to financing. Recently, the startup has ventured into real estate with new products that provide access to customers who want to get their first property.

As its services cover different sectors, Comercio Partners sees its activities supervised and regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission, as well as by the Financial Markets Dealer Quotation (FMDQ).

From a business that started with borrowed funds in 2016, Comercio Partners has stabilized its operations in six years and is now looking to further expand the range of products it offers to facilitate investment for its clients and brokerage transactions. for legal persons.


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