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October 31, 2022 1:19 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]October 31 (ANI/SRV): YOUniTE, through its investment banking course, is poised to make a significant difference.
Calling all interested candidates to enroll, the Certified Investment Banking Asset Servicing Professional (CIBASP) course offers the best of industry insights from its pool of experienced professionals.
There are a few private institutions that offer courses in investment banking, but the issue is not addressed as these courses are largely theory-based and do not translate into practical skills needed for the job.
Also keep in mind that there is a need to train not only new graduates but also people who have already joined investment banking but find it difficult to cope with the working environment and processes. operational, there are 2 variations of this course, one for beginners and the other for professionals with more than 6 months of experience.

The advantage of courses –
– you are familiar with the actual process that you will have to manage at work
– equipped with the communication skills to interact with peers, seniors and clients, Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to identify and close gaps
– It is task-based and carefully designed by professionals with over 70 years of collective experience in investment banking operations
– Uses a DIAL approach – gives the participant a near real-life “day in a lifetime” experience
A career in investment banking operations has become a popular choice in recent years as it is a prestigious profession with a well-defined career path.
Let’s first try to understand this industry better.
Investment banking is a branch of banking that coordinates massive and complex financial transactions such as mergers or the underwriting of initial public offerings (IPO). In addition to securing the issuance of new securities for a company, they also help raise funds for businesses in several other ways.
Since the operations of an investment bank are large, elaborate and complex, large teams are required to support these operations.
Over the past 15 to 20 years, many leading global investment banks have set up facilities in India called Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to support their operations. Some of these investment banks are:
Bank of New York Mellon
JPMorgan Chase
State Street Bank and Trust
BNP Paribas
Northern Trust Company

One of the major reasons for the rapid growth in India is the fact that compared to locations in Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific, India offers the advantage of growing rapidly due to the continued availability of a pool of English-speaking talent.
The number of institutions establishing GCCs in India has steadily increased over the years.
A very important service provided by investment banks to clients is custodial service.
As a custodian, they hold securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) and cash associated with corporate actions on behalf of their clients. They also handle the settlement of securities transactions on their behalf and provide a range of related services such as reporting, securities lending or the processing of securities transactions.
These custodial services are called asset services. Asset Servicing refers to all the services that a custodian offers its clients concerning the assets entrusted to it.
Many GCCs set up by global investment banks in India handle these asset management processes. Therefore, many job opportunities exist in the field of Asset Servicing.
This offers a very good career option and growth path for new graduates and graduates from any major.
At the entry level, candidates are recruited in the “Analyst” profile, and a sincere and hardworking artist can quickly climb the ladder of
In a few years with a regular and significant increase in your salary package.
However, it takes some preparation and preparation to break into this area of ​​investment banking. You must be prepared and ready to make a difference in order to gain entry as the domain is extremely sought after.
Currently, many global investment banks are recruiting new graduate and postgraduate students, fresh out of university, and then must devote considerable time and resources to training them to equip them with the skills and resources to perform analyst work.
YOUniTE begins where formal education ends. They are pioneers in providing aspiring skills, competencies and experiences to the industry, and bring an end-to-end ecosystem to meet the distinctive talent needs of individuals and institutions.
Additionally, the platform includes professional trainers, coaches, and mentors with a collective experience of over 70 years and lived the wisdom of what it takes to develop next-generation talent.
Abhishek, one of the co-founders, brings over 17 years of experience in the investment banking and finance industry, primarily with Northern Trust & State Street.
He grew within the industry from an entry-level analyst to senior vice president and left a strong track record of success in operations management, talent development, localization strategy, transformation programs and stakeholder relations.
Abhishek is strongly driven by a passion to impact people, businesses and communities by building a talent pool and creating an environment for people and organizations to grow.
Sumit, co-founder of YOUniTE, has over 15 years of experience in international recruitment in higher education, as well as sales and marketing in the Indian and Southeast Asian markets. He has transformed a start-up into a hugely successful organization that supports Indian students in their efforts to find the right opportunities for education and growth abroad. He holds an MBA obtained in Germany, with a specialization in Business Consulting. Additionally, Sumit is driven by a similar passion and drive to contribute meaningfully to talent development.
Overall, the YOUniTE, CIBASP program is poised to positively transform the industry’s talent pool.
To register for investment banking programs, please click on the links below – www.younitelearning.in | To apply for Graduate Study Abroad opportunities, please click on this link www.eugateway.in
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