Grizzle Investment Management Launches Grizzle Growth ETF, GRZZ


On On Friday, Grizzle Investment Management, an emerging sponsor of actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), announced that The Grizzle Growth ETF now trades on the NYSE Arca exchange under the ticker symbol GRZZ.

The GRZZ ETF is actively managed and seeks long-term capital appreciation through companies focused on growth, innovation and disruption. The fund will seek to identify future leaders in the following key growth themes, including but not limited to:

  • Digitization and cloud computing
  • The future of media and entertainment
  • Health
  • Sustainability & energy transition

“Grizzle believes that investing in structural growth remains one of the most attractive areas for capital appreciation in the market. Rapidly changing technology and consumer trends have made innovation and disruption critical determinants of business success,” said Thomas Georgeco-portfolio manager of GRZZ and CEO of Grizzle Investment Management.

Fund managers will employ a disciplined valuation investment framework coupled with a rigorous focus on portfolio construction in the management of GRZZ.

“We believe that a majority of capital invested in disruptive industries ignores valuation and is misallocated to science fair projects with uncertain (or unreasonably long) time horizons,” said Thomas George.

“The GRZZ ETF will seek Growth Through Innovation and Market Disruption at a Reasonable Price (“DARP”), targeting companies that have the potential to generate substantial revenue growth and whose revenues and profits are expected to increase to a significantly faster pace than the overall economy. We are focusing on cash flow inflection in 4-6 years, rather than companies that will generate cash flow in 10+ years,” said Scott Willisco-portfolio manager of GRZZ and chief financial officer of Grizzle Investment Management.

Grizzle Investment Management will host a series of webinars for investors to provide insight into their growth investing process and in-depth discussions on portfolio composition. The following dates include registration links to attend each session.

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