Indonesia: Protesters may gather outside the Supreme Court and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Jakarta on July 20 during the inauguration of the OJK commissioners

Jul 19, 2022 | 19:44 UTC

Rallies may be held at the Supreme Court and Financial Services Authority (OJK) in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 20 during the inauguration of OJK officers.





Protesters may gather in front of the Supreme Court and the office of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) at the Radius Prawiro tower in Jakarta July 20 during the inauguration of the OJK commissioners. The purpose of the action is to demand that the new leaders of OJK speed up the agency’s investigations into the alleged frauds of certain investment companies. The investiture ceremony will take place at the Supreme Court from 08:00. A related protest took place outside the OJK office on 19 July. Dozens to hundreds of people can participate in any gathering.

Authorities will likely impose heightened security measures at any gathering site on July 20. Localized transportation and business disruptions are possible, particularly if protesters occupy nearby roads. Clashes can occur if the police forcefully disperse the gathering or if protesters attempt to break through security cordons.


Be careful working at and near the sites on July 20. Avoid demonstrations due to possible clashes. Plan for possible localized disruptions to transport and activities. If violence erupts nearby, leave the area immediately and seek refuge in a safe non-governmental building. Heed all official traffic and safety advisories.


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