Journey To the Top: How Darshil Shah took investment banking by storm


The world of Wall Street investment banking is notoriously difficult to break into. Every year, college students and young professionals across the country spend time crafting stronger resumes and polishing cover letters, in hopes of getting their foot in the door. For some it seems to come naturally, while others struggle to find their way. For Darshil Shahthere was another obstacle in his way: the fact that he was from and resided in a country far removed from Wall Street – India.

After earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Gujarat in Ahmedabad, India, Darshil went on to work for Credit Suisse, a leading investment bank. With his CPA and CFA in hand, Darshil was ready for anything. There, although fairly new to the industry, Darshil played a significant role in major projects involving leading global companies. While working at Credit Suisse in financial advisory roles, Darshil began to take an increasing interest in the world of investment and private equity and he found exactly that in his next role.

The move to Amplus Capital helped add a comprehensive perspective to his career path. At a real estate private equity firm, Darshil was responsible for fundraising, project management, and liaising with senior executives and other project stakeholders. It gave him exposure to management and investment discipline, pushed his limits, and really prepared him for Wall Street. It was the next move he would make that would launch Darshil across the ocean, to the United States, and eventually, to Wall Street.

He decided to pursue an MBA at the Kellogg School of Business, one of the best MBA programs in the world. The program paired perfectly with his work experience, and upon graduation, Darshil landed a job at the company he would build his career at, Evercore, a leading independent investment bank.

His early days as a general M&A partner gave him the opportunity to try out different niches within the firm before specializing in alternative capital and SPACs, or mergers and acquisitions of acquisition companies in special calling. In 3 years, Darshil has played an integral role in at least 10 M&A transactions totaling over $60 billion in transaction value. He was also part of the team that coordinated and provided advisory services to Grab on the $40 billion merger with Altimeter Growth Capital. It was the biggest merger of SPAC and the biggest raise of PIPE in world history.

Darshil has become an M&A expert at Alternative Capital and SPAC and is often part of some of the larger deals Evercore does. He was part of the team that provided financial advice to Apollo’s SPAC which merged with Amex Global Business Travel, ultimately creating the world’s largest public travel management company.

Its impact on Wall Street goes well beyond mergers and acquisitions deals at Evercore. In fact, Darshil was selected to be part of a team of professionals that created CAPS, an innovative structure that better aligns the interests of all stakeholders.

Finance, and investment banking in particular, requires a unique combination of innovation, attention to detail and strategy, but Darshil has always presented the perfect combination. His success in the industry has not been easy; he worked hard, took risks and invested in himself along the way. At first glance, everything ends up paying off.


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