Manulife Investment Management (Philippines): offers solid investment solutions to Filipino companies

Ms. Aira Gaspar, President and CEO of Manulife Investment Management (Philippines)

Each institution is committed to fulfilling its financial goals and obligations, and one of the strategies to achieve these goals is to invest. Although the concept of investing is associated with returns, it carries risks. In an economic climate where uncertainties persist, companies need a trusted partner to help them find the best investment opportunities available.

Manulife Investment Management and Trust Corporation, or Manulife IM (Philippines), works with institutions in the Philippines by understanding their needs and providing tailored investment solutions, leveraging the company’s century-long global investment experience .

“For any investor, whether individual or institutional, it is important to consider that it is never too early to start investing,” said Aira Gaspar, President and CEO of Manulife IM (Philippines) . “Investing helps organizations achieve many business goals.”

According to Gaspar, institutions invest for various reasons such as income generation, wealth creation, capital growth and funding contractual obligations.

Appropriate investment outlets are determined by an institution’s investment objectives and its ability and willingness to take risk, Gaspar said. Furthermore, the pandemic has shown that no asset class outperforms from one market cycle to the next, which highlights the value of diversification given that local bond and equity markets can move in the same direction. .

“We work with our clients, recommending solutions that match their investment goals,” Gaspar explained. “This is a critical process for us, so we recommend investment solutions that will meet their needs. We seek better results through active asset allocation, supported by fundamental research. We are also aiming for greater diversification and creating tailor-made solutions for our clients,” she added.

Institutions can consider the investment solutions offered by Manulife IM (Philippines) which cover fixed income, alpha-focused equities and multi-asset solutions. The firm’s specialist teams leverage the local expertise of more than 600 investment professionals and offices in 18 regions within the Manulife Investment Management Group.

Manulife Investment Management is part of a global financial institution that has been protecting investors’ assets since 1887. Currently, Manulife Investment Management manages US$492 billion in assets.

With access to Manulife’s global investment management capabilities, Manulife IM (Philippines) has brought many first-to-market investment solutions since it began operations in 2017. The company is the first trust company to offer trust funds in income units (FUIT). which invest overseas and are available in Philippine peso and US dollar share classes.

It is also the first and only fiduciary entity that offers UITFs that invest in Asia Pacific REITs, Global REITs, Global Preferred Securities and Indian Equities. This year, the company became the first fiduciary entity in the country to offer a UITF that provides access to a comprehensive healthcare strategy.

Manulife IM (Philippines) retains its place among the country’s top investment firms, as recognized by Asia’s leading financial magazine, The Asset, at the 2021 Benchmark Research Awards.

Thanks to Manulife iFunds, its online investment platform, Manulife IM (Philippines) made it easy for its clients to manage their UITF investments, especially when the pandemic started. Manulife iFunds allows retail clients to open an account, add funds, make regular top-ups, exchange and redeem their UITF investments online.

Given current needs, Manulife Investment Management will continue to leverage and maximize digital platforms to inform clients of critical market developments and investment options to help them grow and diversify their investment portfolio.

Manulife IM (Philippines) will also continue its experience in launching differentiated and personalized investment solutions for its clients, leveraging Manulife’s global investment capabilities.

Gaspar said, “Manulife is well positioned to offer our clients alternative ways to generate income through asset classes that are not as sensitive to changes in interest rates to help them achieve their financial aspirations.

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