Merchant Investment Management takes minority stake in Argos


Registered Investment advisory firm Argos Wealth Advisors is gearing up for its next phase of growth with a minority investment from Merchant Investment Management.

The partnership, in which Merchant will own just under a 25% stake in Argos, continues Merchant’s strategy of “finding great companies run by great people who want to continue to grow,” said Tim Bello, managing partner of Merchant.

Argos Wealth Advisors describes itself as “a forward-thinking thought leader in the affluent client space, focusing on innovative strategies that complement traditional two-dimensional equity and bond portfolios.” Their clientele includes former M&A executives and heads, investment banks, and other notable RIA firms.

Describing the skills of Argos founder Michael Russo as “unique” and “exclusive”, Bello said: “He has a lot of ideas. Therein lies its edge in understanding how to act on behalf of its clients. When you have complex customers with complex needs, they need a sophisticated set of capabilities, which Argos clearly has. »

“The Merchant partnership will benefit our clients in many ways,” said Russo, who also stressed the importance of the “kinship” he felt with Bello and Merchant managing partner Matt Brinker and their shared focus on ideas. innovation and customer relations. “Including our current priority to broaden our idea generation and reach international.”

Argos did not reveal any specific plans for international expansion, but will at least use some of the new capital to explore options for entering different global markets.

“We are excited to help them unlock the full potential of their philosophy,” Bello said, “and look forward to the value the Argos team will bring to the merchant community.”

Merchant, who prefers not to be considered a private equity investor in light of the long-term “partner” relationships he has with the companies he invests with, has funded more than 50 independent wealth management firms and financial firms. linked since its founding in 2017 – and Bello said he expects to see more in the coming months.

This transaction represents the only minority stake sold by Argos since its creation in 2007.


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