National Bank Plc engages with Blantyre suppliers to improve knowledge of financial services


The National Bank of Malawi Plc on Sunday invited vendors and the minibus association to a special interface meeting to enhance their knowledge of financial services and take advantage of some of the services offered by the Bank.

The initiative was carried out as part of New Brunswick’s strategy to maintain a close working relationship with its stakeholders following some comments that some of their customers were being discriminated against by the bank regarding access to fluid financial services.

Held at the Bank’s new headquarters in Blantyre, i.e. along Hannover Henderson streets, the vendors included those selling used clothes (kaunjika), street food vendors (commonly known as chiwaya vendors ), cosmetics sellers, tax operators, Airtel Money and Mpamba agents. , minibus drivers – just to name a few.

NB chief executive Macfussy Kawawa said he decided to organize the interface – as some are their potential customers – so that they can express the challenges they face when trying to access financial services from banks.

Chairman of Blantyre Market Vendors, Mevis Rahim

He said they decided to engage with these potential customers in an atmosphere where they could freely share their concerns so that the bank could identify the best solutions that would help strengthen their relationship.

He further stated that NB has also engaged the associations in order to inform them about the functioning of the bank; the services offered; new products that they expect to introduce and that will benefit every customer accordingly.

“As a key player in the financial services sector, National Bank believes in working with all citizens and this is a way of bringing these clienteles closer to its services.

“These interactions are very vital as they help us get direct feedback and see how we can improve areas where we are not doing well in order to satisfy our customers,” Kawawa said.

The bank presented different services it offers such as consumer products (ATM cards, MO626 online out-of-service opportunities); loan process; applications of interest and many more.

Chairman of Blantyre Market Vendors, Mevis Rahim

Blantyre Market Vendor Chair Mevis Rahim expressed her gratitude for the kind gesture the bank initiated, saying the interaction was “really valuable as we learned about several services and opportunities that we were unaware of.

“We would just go to the bank to deposit or withdraw money without knowing exactly what else they offer or how one can apply for a loan.

“We will now be able to educate our friends about the benefits of opening accounts at National Bank, as well as the many methods our friends at the bank have taught us to use the MO626 on a smart phone or even a touch-tone phone” , she added. noted.

Blantyre Vendors Association Secretary Newton Mwenyekondo said the meeting gave them a better understanding of many banking services they never thought they would be able to use and also allayed their fears about accessing loans.

“We have always heard stories that banks charge high interest rates on loans, but after this meeting, we found out a bunch of truths, that we can easily get loans, especially for small businesses.

“We will encourage our colleagues from small and medium enterprises to open accounts at the National Bank,” Mwenyekondo said.

The bank’s management took the clients for an appreciation tour of some of their departments within the head office as well as their Top Mandala branch.

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