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KJ Helms, host of the Disruption Disruption podcast and veteran communications disruptor, speaks with Christian Hyldahl, President and Founder and CEO of Varium Investment Partners, who says financial advisers need to shed their years of complacency resulting from years of mild market growth and begin to invest more time and resources to help their customers prepare for the next tough market years.

TAMPA BAY, Florida., February 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The traditional investment model focuses on raising assets, developing relationships, delivering those assets to a mutual fund company, and letting those parties do their part and charge for their services – consulting. These counselors may be genuinely interested in helping people, but they have been poorly paid – they have not been properly compensated for their services, in part because they have a reputation for not doing a great job. Simultaneously, the market has grown slowly over the past 12 years with little disruption, and massive complacency has set in among these asset advisers. They may periodically rebalance their asset allocation models, if at all, and generally ask their clients to do as they are told. However, the market is likely to enter a very difficult period over the next three to five years, and clients will start calling their advisers to task, asking them to justify their investments against performance. However, most advisors feel that because things are working well at the moment, they don’t want to start making changes because it’s time consuming and expensive.

But come in disruptive Christian Hyldahlchairman and founder of Varium Investment Partners, who explains to KJ Helms, host of the Disruption/Interruption podcast, that instead of using the traditional investment advisory model that focuses on half of client revenue, by Christian Hyldahl the company is taking a radical turn by capitalizing and monetizing the investment management part and sharing it with its investment advisory partners. By ensuring clients’ money “works harder”, advisors and asset managers will differentiate themselves by performing better even in bad market years, which attracts more capital, but more importantly, builds loyalty. their clients.

After years of being a traditional money manager and asking his clients to lower his fees despite performing exceptionally year after year, Christian said to himself: THAT’S IT. I ENDED THE STATUS QUO and founded my own company based on a process, not a product, to consistently exceed expectations.

Christian explains:
1. The key to disruption is extreme focus on what you do and how you deliver it.

2. Asset management companies did not have to disclose their economic data before.

3. The market has been growing steadily for 12 years, but in 3 to 5 years that will change.

4. There is no longer a 30-year pattern of fixed income and rates declining from 8% to 50 basis points.

5. Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity lately and has given some people the financial freedom to quit their jobs.

6. We have more vacancies than unemployed right now.

7. Processes are automated but offer lower performance. People accept it but shouldn’t be.

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About Varium Investment Partners:
Varium Investment Partners is an “in-sourced” CIO solution for independent registered investment advisers. They build the ideal investment solution that allows advisors to focus on building and managing client relationships and providing holistic financial planning advice, and Varium Investment Partners focuses on delivering solutions investment management at the institutional level… the next evolution of the financial sector. Varium Investment Partners can be found online at

On Christian Hyldahl:
Christian Hyldahl has 27 years of experience in portfolio management, investment strategy and research across multiple investment styles and products. He is consistently a top portfolio manager across multiple equity classes as well as a specialist in value-oriented equity investing in domestic and international equities. Christian Hyldahl can be found online at

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